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The Supernova Project is a global effort powered by the volunteers behind Chayn. We realized that almost every domestic violence platform around the world supports heterosexual women in female-to-male relationships, where men are often seen as the primary perpetrators of abuse.

For queer people, this isn’t always the case. The abuse we may face, whether it’s at the hand of our partners or our families, looks very different. Men can be, but are not always, the perpetrator and of course not all of us even identify as a binary gender!  

Chayn is an entirely volunteer-run organisation, and therefore so is the team behind The Supernova Project. We want The Supernova Project visitors of the site to engage with us by more than just reading our content. We actively encourage you to get in touch and sharing your story, so that we can start to host stories from different queer people on the site, or by suggesting an update or improvement to our content.

We’re also always on the lookout for new volunteers who are passionate about the queer community and building a safe space to talk about domestic violence in these relationships. We welcome people with all levels and ranges of experience and skills from all around the world.




Supernovas occur when a large star is coming to the end of its life. Just as it’s nearing its end it explodes and gives birth to what looks like a new and brighter star where they dispel all the material of the old star out into space. This event can also help with the formation of new stars in the future. It is an incredibly important, wonderful and beautiful cosmic event. The word ‘nova’ means new, and  this is a creation of something new and beautiful from something which was coming to the end of its life.

This is what The Supernova Project is about. It’s about finding energy again, it’s about being able to identify domestic abuse and be empowered to come out the other end shining brighter than ever.

(It’s also not a complete coincidence that we chose something full of rainbow colours…)

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